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Simply rehosting your applications in the cloud will likely cut some costs and solve some technical debt issues. To truly maximize the value of the new environment, you must modernize your applications for the cloud.

As the world moves towards software-defined infrastructure, systems that can operate in the new “infrastructure as code” paradigm are becoming essential.

Modernizing your infrastructure for this kind of environment, enabling much more automation and intelligence-driven management, can significantly optimize not only your costs but also your business agility and flexibility.

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  • Maximizing value in the cloud depends on modernizing applications, infrastructure, and data architecture.
  • Applications require different degrees of modernization. Approaches include re-platforming, serverless architectures, and digital decoupling.
  • Patrison Cl’s framework breaks down this spectrum into a clearly defined set of migration options.
  • Strategies for success include focusing on value, aligning the organization behind the program, and considering third-party tools carefully.

We adhere to well-defined delivery processes to ensure that their project will be delivered on time, spec, and budget. You get a 100% high-quality software guarantee and complete guidance by a certified PM within the project execution.

We are a high-performance company in the US to offer our clients a unique Customer Portal to monitor their project execution. You can track changes, get notifications, access the required project and financial documentation under one roof.

We have a good option for those having no idea how to start a modernization project. The session with our experts can help you get a step-by-step strategy for your project development for free. You will get many valuable materials to kick off your project.

System Analysis

Each project starts with a comprehensive analysis that serves as a basis for further solution design and architecture, time and cost estimations. Our modernization services are aimed at identifying the project’s business challenges.

System Assessment

After the analysis and processing stage, you get comprehensive documentation with detailed recommendations and offered solutions. The latter is built to increase agility, reduce costs for IT maintenance, and improve data quality.

IT Modernization

We deliver IT infrastructure modernization services as part of system integration or legacy application modernization services. Our experts will explore your current IT landscape to prepare it for a smooth modernization process.

Solution Design

We deliver custom software development and implementation services for modernization purposes. Based on functional and non-functional requirements, our specialists will create software requirements specifications and confirm them with you.


Data is the third key pillar of a modernization strategy. In many enterprises today, legacy on-premises data architectures are complex, expensive, inflexible, and hard to maintain.

In contrast, modern data architectures in the cloud allow you to spin up advanced hyper-scale analytics services—including machine learning and deep learning—at speed and with a level of simplicity that would be impossible in your own data center.

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