Patrison offers the following set of application services for midsized and big enterprises:

Application Development

We design and deliver web, mobile, and cloud business applications of different complexity and various needs. We pay special attention to their flexibility, security, speed, and integration potential in the process. The success of our software comes from:

The actual value to the business; We thoroughly study all critical business needs and the future application context, make appropriate architecture and technology choices to build the solution that answers the specific requirements of your business.

Stable work and undemanding support; We write loose-coupled and readable code to keep it easy to test, maintain, and upgrade.

High quality and timely releases; We have developed a clearly defined and battle-tested software development process, which allows us to provide high-quality and reliable solutions within the established deadline.

Agile delivery of new features; We employ DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration practices, automated testing, and deployment tools. Thus, we ensure continuous delivery of a releasable solution (implementing new features as often as 1-2 times a week) without system freezes and reduced code errors.

Application Management

We can take responsibility for managing your applications, ensuring their increased business flexibility and optimized IT costs. Our team will maintain and monitor your application servers and databases with the latest process management practices, taking care of their enhanced performance, sustainability, stability and keeping them in sync with current business needs.

Remote application monitoring and performance management; We take over the continuous remote diagnostics of your critical applications. We identify problems, share detailed info on the causes of found issues and provide recommendations on the needed improvements. We track application performance, transaction integrity, data consistency, message queue exceeds, server failures.

Remote application support; We help you treat a broad spectrum of problems and incidents, manage modifications (from minor enhancements to app changes) and configurations, and advise you on beneficial app optimization activities to address new evolving needs.

Design and implement the Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline; We design and implement the CD pipeline to connect development, testing, and deployment of your application and automate them. This enables you to leverage multiple DevOps/CD values and deliver new app features quickly and efficiently.

Application Modernization

Our team implements the modernization of legacy applications to increase their efficiency and incorporate them better into a modern enterprise IT strategy. We support a wide range of ‘revival’ activities and scale them according to your business needs.

– Re-hosting – moving an entire application from the on-premises or the old cloud infrastructure to the new cloud without significant modifications and changes in code. 

– Re-platforming – moving a part of an entire application to the cloud with minor optimizations and upgrades to leverage such cloud capabilities as automated performance scaling and improved resilience.

– Re-architecting – changing an application’s architecture and design to make it more scalable, flexible, and integration-friendly or to allow for simplified app maintenance and streamlined testing and deployment of further upgrades.

– Re-engineering – redesigning specific application components, updating certain aspects (e.g., performance, functionality), or introducing new elements to an already existing system.

– Re-coding – rewriting legacy applications on PowerBuilder, Delphi, VB, C++, etc., and outdated versions of Java, .NET, PHP, and Python with modern technologies and tools. 

Application Integration

We can transform multiple independent applications of your IT environment into one coherently working system allowing for its increased efficiency and user convenience.

To make integration successful, we address our experience in integrating systems and applications of various complexity, scale, and technology stacks and Select an integration pattern that answers the current needs and a future strategy of your business.

We have a strong record in various integration approaches – point-to-point service-oriented architecture (SOA), enterprise service bus (ESB), shared database (for specific cases) – and can make up an integration solution that allows for your maximum profit.

Pay due attention to specific integration risks. We make sure the integrated system offers appropriate response time, security level, data quality.

Cover the end-to-end integration process. We design integration architecture, implement the solution, modernize your legacy applications to allow their smooth work in the new environment, provide comprehensive testing coverage at the system and component level, and offer further integration and support services.

Application Security Services

Our security experts can assist enterprises in making their applications resistant to security threats.

  • We help you compile security requirements and recommend a resilient app design pattern that will be able to address potential security risks.
  • We help you stay compliant with strict industry-specific security requirements, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS, providing professional guidance from our field experts to gather industry-specific security requirements.
  • We implement continuous security monitoring to ensure your applications remain protected and reliable and timely identify the need for security upgrade to answer ever-evolving cyber threats.
  • We investigate security flaws of your application employing white box (with code audit) testing or black box testing (without access to application code) and provide a report with recommendations on overcoming found vulnerabilities.

End-to-end application services

From developing new applications through modernization, management, and maintenance, we cover all stages of the application lifecycle.

Software Engineering

As one of the largest and most acclaimed teams of specialized software engineers, architects and developers, we solve intractable business problems in creative, unexpected, and pragmatic ways. Our software engineering services also provide you with premier access to emerging technologies through our vast network of industry partners. We’re there, incubating at the cutting edge to bring you simple, seamless software at its best.

Quality Engineering

Our Quality Engineering services are designed to power speed, quality, and productivity with intelligence- and insights-driven approach. Whether you want to bring new software to market at a faster clip or transform your testing function and workforce—we have the right skills and capabilities to help you succeed. Our goal? Making specific applications don’t just ‘work’ but deliver a differentiated user experience.

Data Management

It’s a new day for data, a unique opportunity for businesses that see data as a competitive advantage and not just as a commodity. Data is the fuel of the new economy and the driving force of the digital era. Accenture is helping organizations transform data—from dark to dynamic—and build trust into their data to achieve breakthrough results in this new age of intelligence. We call it Data in the New. And it’s happening now with Patrison!

Agile transformation

Patrison Agile Transformation Services helps companies achieve greater agility to accelerate business change. We introduce Lean and Agile principles and practices to continuously transform ways of working across the enterprise. Our seamless, end-to-end approach helps organizations provide high-quality software delivery and improve responsiveness to business and customer demands.


Application delivery has shifted from large-scale, project-based implementations to continuous evolution. DevOps makes this possible by bringing business, development, and operation teams together and applying automated processes to streamline IT. The ability to roll out improved business capabilities continuously has become essential in today’s digital world.


Plan and deliver a foundational technology architecture to maximize scalability and performance. Patrison Architecture Services can help you plan and deliver foundational tech architecture to maximize scalability and performance. Our focused viewpoint, a global network of technology expertise, ecosystem relationships, and ability to innovate uniquely position to add value for our clients.

Application Testing

We perform comprehensive manual and automated testing (vital for Continuous Delivery) for every stage of the application life cycle (implementation, deployment, support, and evolution).

Identifying potential risks and verify that your enterprise solutions work correctly and correspond to the established quality requirements. 

We ensure comprehensive checking of your application with multiple types of testing, including:

Intelligent Platforms

We combine the power of leading platforms—SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday and more—with our intelligence, innovation and industry capabilities to drive large-scale