How to Become a Database Developer?

What is a Database Developer?

A database developer is an IT professional responsible for creating databases and software. They design databases and work on the code that sits between an application and the data in a database.

Database developers, or database programmers, often work in an IT department as part of a software development team. They know specific programming languages and have certain skills that make them applicable to software teams and the company.

What Does a Database Developer Do?

A database developer is responsible for:

  • Design new databases that meet the needs of the users or customers in an efficient and accurate format
  • Make modifications to the design of existing databases to meet client needs
  • Develop the database code to perform a range of tasks, including:
    • Extracting data from a database for analysis for reports
    • Creating, updating, removing, or deleting data as required by an application
  • Designing and developing business intelligence reports using existing software systems that link to a database
  • Decide on or advise the business on database languages and technologies
  • Ensure projects meet the standards and requirements for database design and development
  • Create documentation for new or existing databases to assist their team and other areas of the business
  • Assisting software teams with database-related activities for deploying applications

What about administration?

There are other database-related areas to focus on, such as maintenance of the database, upgrades, backups, and installation. However, these tasks are handled by the Database Administrator or DBA. 

So, it’s similar to other development roles but not entirely the same. Design and development elements are involved but in specific languages and technologies.

What Database Management Systems and Languages are Used?

The primary language used by database developers is SQL or Structured Query Language. It’s a language that allows you to communicate with the database and perform various tasks.