Branding Modules

Our full-service brand strategy consulting division helps brands be essential to today’s customers. Our proven approach helps both emerging and established brands transform businesses, create differentiation, engage B2B and B2C customers, change perceptions and drive growth. If you’re not essential, you’re irrelevant.

Key modules of our brand development process

We have a passion for bringing new life to existing brands and launching new brands. While we’re considered a brand strategy firm, we’re all about helping you identify your brand, what it means to the right audiences, and reaching them through the right mix of media and marketing channels.

Our Performance

A detailed roadmap for long-term, sustainable success, linking purpose, style, messaging, content, and culture to profitability. An excellent website and branded digital assets are your primary selling tools and the backbone of a triumphant return on investment.

Our performance brand strategy and development process are designed to build nimble, differentiated brands with the depth and breadth to flex in a digital-first world while still flourishing across all marketing channels and environments. When people feel more, they click more, buy more, visit more, and spend more. You have to connect to convert.

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A quality branding team

Brands should be developed with a digital-first mentality to perform first and foremost in the modern digital landscape, which we call creative digital performance. 

After all, aside from an interaction with your actual products and services, people spend the most time with your brand on your website, social media, and across countless digital channels. 

That’s where you have to grab attention, engage and differentiate yourself from a relentless and unfriendly swarm of competitors. 

And that’s why having a digital branding agency that understands the value of brand services and what it takes for a brand to perform day in and day out makes sense.

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Nature of Branding

A brand isn’t something created overnight. It’s developed through a series of crucial steps in defining the brand through strategy.

Whether your business is big, small, or just getting started, you may have a wide range of brand assets already. Do you have a logo? Personality? Product? Reputation? Accolades? These are assets of your brand that need to be appropriately organized and leveraged to improve marketing performance.

Your brand strategy isn’t a one-time thing. It isn’t delivered by an agency or turned in by the team. Your strategy is created based on a solid understanding of your market, target audiences, and points of differentiation. Then your message is created, delivered creatively and effectively with the goals in mind.

Your brand comes to life in implementing the tactical phases of creative elements; logo design, campaign development, tag lines, and more. The best executions are based on the most robust foundation of who you are, what you mean to your target audiences, and how to shape that brand creatively through proper messaging and placement.

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Positioning Statements

In a chaotic situation, a littered world where messages barrage us constantly, it’s essential that a company can succinctly explain what its digital brand stands for and its unique brand promise to its customers. 

These things must be quickly and clearly stated on a presentation so customers instantly understand. While a brand line should be extremely succinct, a position statement should dig a little deeper, explaining what makes a brand unique. We draft a series of these statements, or elevator scripts, at different lengths for different contexts and uses.

Visual Identity

Like with the naming process, a brand platform gives compelling branding and brand identity design. We start this segment of our digital branding services with digital-first design thinking, often mobile-first, because ensuring that a complete brand identity performs well across all digital channels within the modern digital landscape is crucial.

Brand Architecture

How does your audience relate to your brand? How do they access it? If your brand doesn’t have a clear brand architecture, your audience will struggle on both fronts.

Your brand architecture is the organizational structure of your portfolio of brands, products, and services. Put another way, it’s how your customers conceptualize your family of brands through interactions with various components of your brand family.

From your side, it helps guide the development of your brands, ensuring that customers perceive your various offerings in the right way. For us, this is a critical element of brand strategy. It’s the foundation that your brand is built on, which is why it’s essential to make it properly. Our job is to map out the structure you have, articulate the design you want, and bridge the gap between the two.

Brand Vision & Strategic Planning

In reality, their brand vision is often muddled, big on ideas and short on the fine print. If your brand doesn’t have a clear brand architecture, your audience will struggle on both fronts.

The brand vision is all about intention. It could be a group of goals or a single sense. The problem is that many brands struggle to differentiate between a brand vision and a mission statement.

The difference is that a brand vision is aspirational, and you reach those aspirations by marrying them to strategic planning. We work with you to fully understand your brand’s toolbox, refining your individual strengths and using what you have to expertly assemble a plan that will transform your brand from what it is to what you want it to be.

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Brand Positioning

If your brand architecture is the foundation of your brand, then brand positioning is the real estate it’s built on. 

Brand positioning, in simple terms, is the conceptual space you occupy in your target audience’s mind. It’s what you want them to think about when they think about your brand, a clear sense of what differentiates you from everyone else on the scene.

The key is knowing how to represent your brand to ensure you occupy a suitable space. This is why we emphasize details at Patrison. Every tiny element contributes to what your customers see, which is why we work with you to zero in on precisely what you want your brand to be. 

At Patrison, we apply our years of marketing expertise to make that vision a reality, ensuring that you establish the best possible market position for your brand.

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Build your brand around your customer

Whether developing new brand platforms or refreshing tired brands, the concept of branding is often misunderstood. Your brand has many dimensions; like a person, it represents your soul, personality, and customer experience behaviors that differentiate you from others. Brands that stand out do so because they intrigue people. They leave a positive impression and invite you to engage with them.

How do you define the brand strategy that propels your product and inspires your organization? Here is where Patrison excels. We are a full-service California branding and marketing agency that helps our clients drive business by truly understanding your customers and delivering a unique customer experience at every touchpoint.

Powerful brand experiences can only be practical when built from intelligence and insights. By identifying insightful positioning opportunities and building your brand around your purpose and values, we can create enduring brands that attract the right customers and employees, which extend beyond your product or services.

When you put your customer first, you have a winning formula for growth. Take our Customer Experience assessment to find out.

Benchmarking Metrics

Your process is only as good as your measures of success. Here’s the problem: many companies don’t know how to measure their success. And we think it’s time to change that.

We get our name from our love of being under the hood of a business. To thrive in this space, you have to understand what drives the industry and how to measure the contribution of individual parts to the whole engine.

We know what makes a brand tick, and we’re here to share that knowledge with you. In doing so, we don’t just give you a better brand–we help you build something that will last.

At Patrison, we consider ourselves your team’s extension. And like our namesake, we strive to be everything you look for in a fantastic mechanic: fair, reliable, and a consistent provider of outstanding services.

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