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Parsa Saeedian

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Who Am I

Parsa Saeedian

With over millions in home sales, Parsa Saeedian represented the finest estates across the globe. Parsa has an extensive client base featuring those seeking the dream lifestyle, including overseas business persons, multi-cultural families worldwide, Royal California movers, International Manufacturers, and foreign investors.

Parsa Saeedian has received global acclaim for market research and sales across Los Angeles and Southern California as a point figure in the real estate market.

Our Company

Market Research

His success in originating mortgage loans and high-quality real estate sales presence for the last years elevated Parsa’s persona beyond salesperson to a high-performance entrepreneur with the launch of The Real Estate Platform focused on investing in marketing technology solutions in real estate.

Parsa’s extensive knowledge and expertise in selling exclusive properties have helped him produce some of the highest trends in Southern and Northern California.
Parsa currently represents a significant market share of residential and commercial listings in California for foreign investors who plan to seek long-term California residency.

Our Solution for Future Residents

Resident Essentials is a tech stack that focuses on technology tools based on our data analytics sets which concentrate on behavioral targeting during the home buying process.

We built our technology to match the curated home to the right buyer and represent the best characteristics of an owner’s home to the local marketplace. Our platform channels from targeting on a global client-facing interface down to domestic and hyper-local markets.

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Stability & Experience in Loan Servicing

Backed by the financial strength of our Real Estate Platform, we are one of the highest-rated residential mortgage servicers in the country. As part of a global financial services company, we make significant investments in our processes, people, and technology.

Our extensive experience gives clients the necessary tools for seamless loan onboarding and asset transition. Our sub-servicing programs let you determine the best support for your portfolio.

​​​​​​​​​​​​We provide first-level mortgage servicing with innovative solutions.

Our exclusive technology, real-time reporting, giant modeling, and strategic analyses work together to optimize portfolio performance and client satisfaction.

Our ongoing commitment to excellence is reflected in mortgage industry ratings and approvals. We work with highly ranked national lenders and continuously improve our technics to improve our borrowers’ experience.

A Reliable Brokerage, Excellence in Servicing

By having a great partnership with our responsible brokerage organization; We have helped clients maximize returns on their existing and newly acquired non-performing loan portfolios.

Our proprietary technology, best-in-class processes, and highly trained customer care teams contribute to our success in returning loans to performing status. 

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Our goal is to increase cash flows for clients while making primary residence for our borrowers in their homes.

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